Sunday, October 14, 2012

Now Enjoy NCELLS Fastest 3G Internet Service In Cheap Rate(Only In Nepal)

Ever wondered on experiencing the fastest 3G Internet of Nepal in a very cheap rate? As we all know the fact that In Nepal the mobile operator NCELL only provides the fastest 3G internet. But it is very expensive i.e. RS.10 per 1MB. So this limits user to enjoy the use of Net. Ntc is also providing the GPRS service to its customer at 50paisa per MB which is  really cheap but the disadvantage is that it doesn’t works fast like NCELL’s 3G Net, NTC is also providing the 3G sim which is very expensive i.e. Rs.1500 . So the only choice we have got is NCELL.
                So is it possible to surf the net from our mobile devices in cheap rate? This is the question of every body. And it is possible from Ncell.
                As you may know that couple of years ago NCELL had released the 3G data card for customers to use on laptops which has a speed of 3.6Mbps i.e. 3 MB per second  and the data rate is according to the packages the customer buys.  But still this tarrif plan is vey expensive to the internet users on computers.
                So now here’s the best thing that the 3G sim which is used through data card on the PC can also simply be used on the mobile device where net is enabled. And the data cost of the 3G data Sim is Rs.2.4 per MB. Bingo isn’t it. Ncell's 3G sim costs Rs. 10 per MB where as with the same speed on the 3G data sim it save many Rupees. Still we can buy different packages which makes the rate more cheaper. We can buy packages of Rs.399, Rs. 700, and so on according to our wish. With the package of Rs. 300 we can surf the net at 90 paisa per MB. So more the package less will be the tariff.
NOTE: We cannot make calls from the Data Sim. It is only used to surf net, send messages from mobile phones.  
                As the data sim cannot be used to do calls, so we can have two mobile sets for our advantage, One simple set only to make calls, and one smart phone to surf  the net at cheap price. As myself I use Nokia 1100 for calling and Nokia N97 to use the data sim and surf internet at cheap price. I recommend you guys to buy the package to enjoy at lesser rate. So Guys enjoy the cheap Net service.

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