Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to Speed Up Nokia (Symbian) Mobiles without using any softwares.

This post might look a little funny to you but it really worked on my N70. This is the trick to speedup your symbian mobile, I think it only works on Nokia. I had also found this post on one blog and when I tried this it really amazingly worked on my N70. Here I am going to teach how to do it.

1.      First change your phone date to 03/04/2005
2.      Go to Menu > Office > To-do List.
3.      Make a new ‘To do’ note with following data:
-          Subject : Speed
-          Due Date : 04/08/2005
-          Priority : High
4.      Press Done, but don't Exit.
5.      Now make another note with following data:
-          Subject : Qoukie
-          Due date : 04/08/2005
-          Priority : Low
6.      Press Done & Exit to Stand-By Screen.
7.      Now again go to ‘To-do’ List.
8.      Press ‘Options’
9.      Select ‘mark as done’ to the first note
10.  Do the same to the second note.
11.  Now Exit
12.  Now update the phone date.

Do exactly as it is mentioned above. Now restart your mobile and see the difference. Hope it works correctly in your mobile like it did in mine.