Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to enable to read unsupported fonts or scripts On Operamini

Many of our smart phones don’t support many of the fonts like Nepali. Nowadays we are so used to with social networking sites where people from all over the world share their information in their own language. So it makes us really difficult to read such documents when they are in totally different language than English.
            Most of us use the Opera application in order to surf the internet from our mobile. So this trick or tutorial is related with mobile opera mini.
            In order to make it able to view the Nepali or other unsupported fonts, there is a special feature in opera mini itself that makes it able to read the unsupported fonts or complex scripts. Operamini actually renders the complex scripts on its own server instead of your device.        
            Here is the step by step procedure to activate the feature in opera mini:
  • Firstly open the opera mini browser in your mobile.
  • Now on the address bar type “Config:” without the quotes “”. You may also use “opera:config” instead of “config:”. Both do the same thing.
  • Now from step 2 a new page opens. This is the setting page of the server of Operamini for our device. There you can see many settings, but for this tutorial we are talking about you need to go to the very bottom of the page where you will see a option (Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts). Simply choose yes and save the setting and close the page. This saves our new setting for our device at the opera server.
  • Now next time you open the page with unsupported scripts you will be able to read.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Turn Light From Remote (Trick)

Did you guys know that you could actually turn the light from the LED on the remote of any devices. It is just simple and actually of  fun. You just need to point out the remote like you do on TV, but instead you need to point out on the camera. That's it, look at the camera screen and you will see a LED glowing like a light. You can also try this trick from any devices having camera.

Enjoys :-)