Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to enable Hibernation On Computer

Hibernation is a tool like standby where user can simply turn their computer off without saving their projects. In standby the computer goes to sleep mode where user’s work is as it is when turn on. But hibernation has got the same feature with the additional feature of completely turning the computer off with out saving their work. When they turn on the computer you will find your work as it was before. In hibernation computer simply saves the projects saved on RAM to the temporary folder of the computer and turns it off. Isn’t it more useful than sleep or standby option.
Now here is the step bystep procedure to enable hibernation
1.       Go to control panel by pressing start button and clicking the control panel link
2.       Go to performance and maintenance tab.
3.       Then click Power option (NOTE: if you are switched to the classic view then you donot have to follow step 2)
4.       In power option go to Hibernate tab and tick the enable hibernation option.
5.       Then click ok and now you are done. Check it by going to the turing off button on the start menu, now you can see the hibernation tab added, if you still cannot see the hibernate tab then try pressing shift key, there you will see the standby option changes to hibernation option.

Press it and try. Worked?? Bingo.