Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Play snake game on youtube

Ever felt bored waiting for the youtube video to be played. Youtube has install a snake game in order to pass the time while the video buffers. The dotted circle you see while the video buffers or loads can be made as a snake. The things you have to do is just pause the video while it buffers and use any of the arrow key. Then there it goes, the game starts and you are there to pass the time.

Enjoy and Cheers!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to format Nokia N70

All the symbian mobiles can be completely formatted. Formatting completely factory resets the device including its saved datas on the phone memory. You can format it if your device is infected with viruses. But it doesn’t formats the memory card. Here are the steps to Format the mobile

Hand format
1.       Before you start be sure that your mobile’s battery is fully charged.
2.       Turn off your mobile.
3.       Remove your MMC card.
4.       Press * 3 green call key and power button at once. Take help from other if you need.
5.        Keep pressing till mobile fully starts up. It may take 30 seconds.
6.       Then if you follow the steps correctly your mobile has been formatted.
7.       Set the time zone.
That’s all for the hand format.

There also is another way of formatting your mobile, both processes does same thing. You also can format using no. codes.
Formatting using format codes.
1.       Dial *#7370#
2.       It will ask for the Lock Code. On default the code is 12345 but incase if it has been changed by you dial your code, if you have forgotten your lock code you can follow the hand format process, this will make your lock code to default.
3.       After you have given your code the phone gets restarted itself.
4.       Then simply set the time zone.

You are done. It only works on symbian based mobiles not on Java mobiles like Nokia 7270 or x-press Music.

How to speed up Nokia N70

Nokia N70 is a symbian based smart phone. It supports all 2nd edition symbian based applications. There are millions of applications available for Nokia n70. But globally most of the users have the same problem with this device i.e slow functioning. This is due to the use of storage device of more than 500MB and using the inbuilt applications like Gallery, Music Player and File Manager. When Mmc of more than 500MB is used in N70 it becomes a bit slower. But it is possible to use MMC upto 2Gb without a bit slowing down of mobile. I think more than 2GB MMC is not manufactured from the company so you cannot find it. Symbian computer without 3rd pary applications is like Computer without any Programs. Smartphones are designed to be used like our desktops. Without using applications on them they are just useless. That is the reason N70 doesn’t have coolest inbuilt programs, because we have to install them ourself.
                As the topic of this post is how to speed up Nokia n70, so there is a 3rd party applications to be installed in your device. The application I am talking about is ‘Menu accelerator’, this application just has file size of 5 or 10kb. You need to install this in your phone memory. But before installation your mobile should be virus free including your MMC. If you want to hard format your phone memory then click here. Scan your MMc on your pc to free it from virus.
After following the steps there is also another way you can speed up your mobile without installation of any kinds of softwares. Click here to know how to do it.
Follow both of the steps if you want the best results. And the thing which you need to remember is that always use 3rd party applications such as TTPOD Music Player and X-plorer instead of your inbuilt Music Player and Gallery. Music player and Gallery really slows down your mobile. So it would be best if you just hide them somewhere. Use applications like TTpod to play songs as it can view lyrics as well and use X-plorer which is a file manager application with inbuilt video player, photo viewer, zip, notepad, Music Player and many more.

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How to Speed Up Nokia (Symbian) Mobiles without using any softwares.

This post might look a little funny to you but it really worked on my N70. This is the trick to speedup your symbian mobile, I think it only works on Nokia. I had also found this post on one blog and when I tried this it really amazingly worked on my N70. Here I am going to teach how to do it.

1.      First change your phone date to 03/04/2005
2.      Go to Menu > Office > To-do List.
3.      Make a new ‘To do’ note with following data:
-          Subject : Speed
-          Due Date : 04/08/2005
-          Priority : High
4.      Press Done, but don't Exit.
5.      Now make another note with following data:
-          Subject : Qoukie
-          Due date : 04/08/2005
-          Priority : Low
6.      Press Done & Exit to Stand-By Screen.
7.      Now again go to ‘To-do’ List.
8.      Press ‘Options’
9.      Select ‘mark as done’ to the first note
10.  Do the same to the second note.
11.  Now Exit
12.  Now update the phone date.

Do exactly as it is mentioned above. Now restart your mobile and see the difference. Hope it works correctly in your mobile like it did in mine.

How to rename application menu in Nokia N70

Can you change the name of applications in your mobile? Of course not, Can you? You have only access to change the name of the folder. But it is really possible in symbian Nokia N70.i don’t know if this trick works on 3rd and 5th edition symbian smart phones as well but it works in all 2nd edition symbian mobiles like Nokia 6600, N70. It is easy to change the name of different applications. First thing you need is 3rd party file manager application i.e X-plorer, download it if you donot have. This trick is actually a simple hacking of your smart phone.

Steps to rename apps:
1.       First go to menu of your phone. See if any of the application is placed on the first in the list. If not then place it by going to option and selecting move and place it in 1st place. I will give example of ‘messaging’ as it is placed in 1st place in menu list by default.
2.       After its done now open X-plore and go to system folder in mmc or the phone memory. (Note: if you cannot see system folder then it is hidden so simply press ‘0 key’ or go to configuration and tick ‘show hidden files’ and ‘show system files/folders and go back). Now go to system folder as it will be visible now.
3.       Go to apps folder.
4.       Now rename any of the subfolder in the apps folder but make sure that you remember it as you have to change it back again.
5.       After you change the name of the folder quickly press menu key of your mobile and go to any folder icon and click option. Now just wait for some 10 seconds.
6.       Did you notice that the phone has automatically selected the messaging icon? Bingo !! Now simply go to rename and change the name messaging to any name you like.
7.       This step can be followed to change the name of any application icon. Just make sure they are placed at the front in menu list.
8.       Now change back the name of the folder you just had renamed using X-plore.

Enjoy renaming all the apps icons as you like. Cheers.

How to create folder inside a folder menu in Nokia N70

Do you think its possible to create a folder inside another folder? Yaa you can do it in 2nd edition symbian multimedia mobiles like N70 and 6600. This trick is completely related with my another post on How to rename application icons on N70? The process are same. You can easily create many subfolders inside a folder now following this simple hacking trick. You can also move the existing folder inside a folder.

Steps to create a folder:

1.       To start you need x-plore installed on your mobile.
2.       Now go to Menu by pressing Menu Key and create a new folder which you want to move inside another folder.
3.       Place the created folder on the 1st place in your menu icon lists.
4.       Now open x-plore and go inside the system folder in your Mmc or the phone memory. (Note: if you cannot see system folder then it is hidden so simply press ‘0 key’ or go to configuration and tick ‘show hidden files’ and ‘show system files/folders and go back). Now go to system folder as it will be visible now.
5.       Go to apps folder.
6.       Now rename any of the subfolder in the apps folder but make sure that you remember it as you have to change it back again.
7.       After you change the name of the folder quickly press menu key of your mobile and go to any application icon and click option. Now just wait for some 10 seconds.
8.       Did you notice that the phone has automatically selected the folder icon placed at front in menu list? Bingo !! Now simply go to ‘move to folder’ option and move the folder to your desired folder.
9.       Remember to change back the name of the folder you had renamed using xplorer.
Now you can create, move any folder to any folder you like. This can be used to hide softwares inside folders.
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Best Tips Of Enhancing the Experience of Using N70

Have you ever got bored by using the same smart phone for years? By its same boring features? Ok so if you are the victim of the problem I have mentioned above then you are certainly at the right place. So today I am going to disscuss about the oldest and very popular smart phone i.e. N70.
                Nokia’s N70  was released like 7 years ago. And it has become the user friendly mobile for many of the users over the planet. Some of its best features are its high resolution 2 Megapixel camera , 3g camera,  Slide bar of the back main camera, support of the 2nd edition symbian applications and so on. Due to the presence of the 3g camera it is possible to do the video call on the supported networks from this  mobile.
                It was released in 2005, so due to which it has become the boring and outdated mobile nowadays. Further production of this mobile had been closed years ago. Nowadays there are lots of highly advanced smartphones available on the market. But it is for the unfortunate that still many people are forced by their economic problem to use the same old smart phones for years.
                There are many symbian based applications on the web which we can download and install in our N70 to make it cooler than it is. Yes it is true, you can enhance the features of your symbian n70 device. 50% of the user of this phone are still unknown to the fact that they can upgrade the boring features of their smart phone like the Music player, Gallery, Real Player, etc and on and on. People feel very bored by the slow feature of the n70, but the fact is that it can be made faster by installing some apps on it. I am also the great fan of this smart phone and as far as I have a very great experience of using this mobile. I know many of the tips to increase the features of this mobile which I am going to reveal it today on this blog. So please keep on reading if you are willing to discover more.
                The inbuilt applications of N70 are very slow and with limited features. These applicartions are the reason of the constant hang of the mobile phone time to time.
                Now it is your time to discover the tips of increasing the speed, increasing the best features
1.       The very first step is to hard format your device in order to remove the unnecessary junk files, viruses or any unwanted files, first make the back of your files which are on the phone memory, remove your mmc and then turn off your mobile. While turning on press the Power, 3 ,* and cal receive(green) Button at once. Don’t leave the button. It is the main step to hard format you device. Then the phone will turn on and still don’t leave any of the buttons, take help from others if you cannot hold all of the mentioned keys at once. Now after a while it will ask for the place setup. So now you can leave the keys. Set your time zone and your phone is fresh like a new set. NOTE: Donot insert your mmc unless you have scanned for the viruses from the pc.. It is veryimportant.
2.       Now if you have follow exactly the first step then insert your mmc after it is free from any malwares and viruses.
3.       The next step is to install symbian apps for which you have to download from the internet. But don’t worry I am going to add links to add the files I have mentioned.
4.       First apps to install after the hard format is the x-plorer, its final version has already been released. This is the apps to explore all the files in your device like we do in our computer with My Computer. We can browse all the hidden, system, readonly files. It can transfer files via Bluetooth, it can move the files direct;y from the message directory to the directory where we want. And some of its features are its inbuilt Notepad, music player, video player, Photo viewer, Zip, etc. It is the same as we use my computer for in our desktops or laptops
5.       After the installation of the main file browser software, noe it tis the time to install TTPOD (Best Music Player). It is the misic palyer which can show the lyrics of the song which we are playing. And the best feature is that it automatically downloads the lyrics from the internet. It has many skins, equalizer, visualization plugins and so on. It is the software to replace the Inbuilt Music Player of the phone which is very slow and always it scans for the songs regularly whereas in TTPOD there is the manual setup of all of the features.
6.       Next software is of course the Operamini (Symbian Version). Donot install the jave version of the Operamini as it is very slow in our symban smartphones. Why worry when we already have got the symbian version of it.
7.       After Operamini install photo book. It is the software to view the photos presentin our memory in a very New features. It doesn’t slows down the phone like when we use gallery. It is of user choice  whether to install Photo Book or not because its features are already included in the X-PLORER, but its another advantage is that we can directly upload our photos to the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, picasa, etc.
8.       The next important software to be installed is the Smart Setting. This is the software which creates the shortcut START button  on the desktop of the device like we have START button on our laptops and the desktops. We can set the short cut of the programs we like.
9.       Next software is Key Man. This is the coolest software for this smart phone. As smart setting creates the short cut button with all the shortcuts we set, key man is the amazing software from which we can change the features of most of our phone keys. This software is helpful to create short cuts to the programs through combination of the buttons. For example if you are willing to lock and unlock your phone while pressing the camera button, you can simply set it from key man. If you want to open X-plore when pressing the shift key + camera button yes you can do it. So use it and enjoy the shortcuts you want. But you have to understand how to use yourself .
10.   Next step is to replace the boring Real Player of your which is only capable of playing some extentions like 3gp and mp4 . It doesn’t exactly replaces it though, install  core player as it can play most of the formats like 3gp, mp4, flv, avi, dat, mp3, etc.
11.   After installing the important softwares now it is the time to make your smart phone faster by installing Phone Accelerator. Just install it and see the difference after you restart your device.
12.   Now it’s the time to install a goodand attractive theme
13.   Install the screen saver
14.   Now after the list of important softwares the rest softwares area of your choice. You can install flash player to run the flash applications.
 SO these were the most important list of the softwares which are needed to replace the boring inbuilt apps of N70. There still are thousands of the apps which are cool but I cannot mention all the apps. If you exactly follow the instructions as I mentioned then your smart phone will be advanced than it was before.

As far as I know we can only find upto 2 GB MMC for N70 and it is great for it. Don’t worry it won’t slows down your phone if you follows my steps. 2 GB is enough for the normal users to save music files, videos, photos and other backup files.
If you want more N70 symbian softwares then follow my next post here

Coolest Mig33 Emotes Commands

Here are the lists of the coolest emote commands for mig33. Emote command is a short text command that allows you to express yourself in mig33. It is a way of showing oneself how cool he/she is in mig33. You can simply send these emote commands to anyone in private chat or in group chat or in chat rooms,you can also add a mig33 username alone with emote commands. For using emote commands with a username, the format is ‘/emote username’ where emote is the command, and username is the ID of person to whom you are going to express your emote feeling. He He He
For example, if your username is A and your friend’s username is B, then if you send ‘/cry B’ without use of (‘), the generated message will be like this **A is crying over B’s shoulder**

Mig33 emotes:
/blush /glare /loser /seduce /tag /tantrum /beer /cry /greet /martian /shmoo /thank /bearhug /cringe /gn /love /shiver /beg /phew /smile /wink /bow /embrace /hold /pinch / laugh /salute /stare /argh /confuse /giggle /listen /scream /strut /bark /congrat /doh /grin /kiss /rose /spock /eek /hiccup /miss /shrug /ruffle /squirt /apologizes /tpyo /agree /cmon /gasp /lag /comfort /gee /blink /drool /groan /mmm /shy / warcry /blowk /drunk /happy /moo /sick /wave /smirk /wohoo /brb /faint /honor /poke /sneeze / worship /burp /fart /howl /ponder /snore /worthy /caff /firebreath /hug /power /snuggle /yawn /cheer /flirt /hum /purr /sorry /yeah / chicken /french /joy /duck /spit /chuckle /frown /hfive /mumble /sigh /whistle /boo /relax /nod /slap /whop / bored /eh /hmm

Mig33 Football Emote commands:
If you want a username to display with this try to send like this format ‘/kick username’ where username is the id of the person to whom you are going to express your feeling
/goal /kick /penalty /freekick /red /yellow /offside /handball.
(Note:Mig33 emote command /offside should be use only in group chat or in private chat. Likewise mig33 emote command /handball should be use alone with a mig33 username.

Olympic Games 2008 Emotes:
/win /huanhuan /yingying /nini /beibei /jingjing  /challenge /welcome /taunt /champion /record /frenzy /winner /torch /proud /cheers /gold /lose / medal /go /luck

Mig33 Custom Emote commands:
You can also send your personal messages in red colour in mig chat. For that just type ‘/me’ before your message. Just for an example, If my name is E and if I type ‘/me wants to play football’ the message will be displayed like “E wants to play football”. Now just type any thing like this and enjoy. Saying messages in group chat in this way will draw more users attention.

Mig33 Fortune emote command:
/8ball and /fortune are the commands which displays random messages on mig chat.

(Note: Some of the commands cannot be used with usernames and some commands can only be used with the usernames, so you have to practice and know yourself.

How to Buy Different Packages On Ncell Data Sim?

Buying different packages from Ncell Data Sim makes the cost very low while surfing the Internet according to the packages we buy.  But you can browse without subscribing to a package. You will normally be charged at Rs. 2* per Mb.
So here is the step by step to buy different packages on Ncell Data Sim
Small Package has 500 MB data. So users can subscribe to this plan at Rs 399*(Rs. 0.80* per MB). SMS 500MB to 9009 from your Ncell data sim.
Medium package has 1000MB of data. If you use internet more often, then opt for 1000MB package at Rs. 699* (Rs. 0.70* per MB). SMS 1000MB to 9009 from your Ncell Data Sim to subscribe.
Large package contains 5000MB of data. If you are always connected and browse a lot then opt 5000MB package at Rs.1999* (Rs. 0.40* per MB). SMS 5000MB to 9009 from your Ncell Data Sim to subscribe.

(Note: * means the tax and VAT  which is determined by the network provider itself. For 500 MB data plan you will be cost approx Rs. 450 rather than Rs. 399)

How to send free SMS from mobile using GPRS.

1000’s of people google then same questions every second’s on how to send free sms from computer or mobile phones using the internet. So if you are very eager to know how to send free sms then there is a Java based apps for mobiles named as BINU. BINU is a java based application which is supported on all the java based phones like Nokia, Sony eriction, Samsung. This app is still unavailable for smart phones like android and iphones. From Binu we can send weekly 10 free SMS with the use of our own personal mobile no. We simply have to download BINU and install it in our mobile. NOTE: GPRS should be enabled in the device. After installation of the software we need to register our account with our mobile no. and confirm  the verification with the confirmation code sent in our mobile number.
                As already mentioned above, we can send 10 Free sms from our no. weekly and unlimited free sms where binu’s official No. wil be used. There also are other features on binu like chating with other binu users, sending offline messages to other users. Facebook, twitter accounts can also be accessed from binu. There are other services on the messenger.

Now Enjoy NCELLS Fastest 3G Internet Service In Cheap Rate(Only In Nepal)

Ever wondered on experiencing the fastest 3G Internet of Nepal in a very cheap rate? As we all know the fact that In Nepal the mobile operator NCELL only provides the fastest 3G internet. But it is very expensive i.e. RS.10 per 1MB. So this limits user to enjoy the use of Net. Ntc is also providing the GPRS service to its customer at 50paisa per MB which is  really cheap but the disadvantage is that it doesn’t works fast like NCELL’s 3G Net, NTC is also providing the 3G sim which is very expensive i.e. Rs.1500 . So the only choice we have got is NCELL.
                So is it possible to surf the net from our mobile devices in cheap rate? This is the question of every body. And it is possible from Ncell.
                As you may know that couple of years ago NCELL had released the 3G data card for customers to use on laptops which has a speed of 3.6Mbps i.e. 3 MB per second  and the data rate is according to the packages the customer buys.  But still this tarrif plan is vey expensive to the internet users on computers.
                So now here’s the best thing that the 3G sim which is used through data card on the PC can also simply be used on the mobile device where net is enabled. And the data cost of the 3G data Sim is Rs.2.4 per MB. Bingo isn’t it. Ncell's 3G sim costs Rs. 10 per MB where as with the same speed on the 3G data sim it save many Rupees. Still we can buy different packages which makes the rate more cheaper. We can buy packages of Rs.399, Rs. 700, and so on according to our wish. With the package of Rs. 300 we can surf the net at 90 paisa per MB. So more the package less will be the tariff.
NOTE: We cannot make calls from the Data Sim. It is only used to surf net, send messages from mobile phones.  
                As the data sim cannot be used to do calls, so we can have two mobile sets for our advantage, One simple set only to make calls, and one smart phone to surf  the net at cheap price. As myself I use Nokia 1100 for calling and Nokia N97 to use the data sim and surf internet at cheap price. I recommend you guys to buy the package to enjoy at lesser rate. So Guys enjoy the cheap Net service.

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How to handle Junk startup programs in Windows XP

There is a inbuilt program on our computer i.e. msconfig which is used to change the start up option of our PC. Ever got head ache by the slowing down of your computer’s start up  This is simply because of the startup of the unnecessary programs installed. If the program is none of your use then simply uninstall it, but if it is in use but occasionally then msconfig is of use to you.
1.       Go to start button.
2.       Go to run and type msconfig and press enter.
3.       Then go to start up tab and you will see list of programs ticked. These are the programs which automatically runs when computer is turned on and they are the reason for your computer to act slow.
4.       So now you can simply untick the programs which is not necessary.

NOTE: Don’t untick anti virus programs or programs which are from windows folder. 

Disk management

Did you know that there is a inbuilt disk management software on your computer. If you want to create partition on your hard disk or you want to change the drive letter of your drives then you can use this program.
Steps to go to disk management
1.       Click start button and go to run
2.       Type diskmgmt.msc  and press enter ( for windows 7 users simply type diskmgmt.msc on the search box on start menu.)
3.       There you have your disj management program. Now you can change the partion or you can change the drive letters of different drives by clicking the right button on your mouse placing over the appropriate drive of your choice.

k P- � p �e `f E: if you are switched to the classic view then you donot have to follow step 2)
4.       In power option go to Hibernate tab and tick the enable hibernation option.
5.       Then click ok and now you are done. Check it by going to the turning off button on the start menu, now you can see the hibernation tab added, if you still cannot see the hibernate tab then try pressing shift key, there you will see the standby option changes to hibernation option.

Press it and try. Worked?? Bingo. 

How to enable Hibernation On Computer

Hibernation is a tool like standby where user can simply turn their computer off without saving their projects. In standby the computer goes to sleep mode where user’s work is as it is when turn on. But hibernation has got the same feature with the additional feature of completely turning the computer off with out saving their work. When they turn on the computer you will find your work as it was before. In hibernation computer simply saves the projects saved on RAM to the temporary folder of the computer and turns it off. Isn’t it more useful than sleep or standby option.
Now here is the step bystep procedure to enable hibernation
1.       Go to control panel by pressing start button and clicking the control panel link
2.       Go to performance and maintenance tab.
3.       Then click Power option (NOTE: if you are switched to the classic view then you donot have to follow step 2)
4.       In power option go to Hibernate tab and tick the enable hibernation option.
5.       Then click ok and now you are done. Check it by going to the turing off button on the start menu, now you can see the hibernation tab added, if you still cannot see the hibernate tab then try pressing shift key, there you will see the standby option changes to hibernation option.

Press it and try. Worked?? Bingo. 

How to Hide Folder Without changing its attributes

So if you want to completely hide the folder without changing its attributes to hidden, then heres a great trick for you.
1.       First make a folder which you want to hide.
2.       Right click on it and go to properties and go to Customize tabv and click change icon
3.       Now select the icon which is hidden and press ok.
4.       Now you will see that your folder’s icon is hidden. Now its time to make its name hidden as well
5.       So now rename the folder by selecting the folder and clicking F2,
6.       While renaming hold down the alt key and type 0160 from the Num Pad.

Now see the magic, your Folder is completely hidden. But it is still there where you have placed it. Now you can change your folder to hidden without changing its attributes.
Still have questions on How to know where the folder is?  :-P Hehe
Just go to the directory where you have your hidden folder and press  (ctrl + A) then you will see a Blue Highlight On the folder which you've made hidden. That’s it, Enjoy….