Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to Hide Folder Without changing its attributes

So if you want to completely hide the folder without changing its attributes to hidden, then heres a great trick for you.
1.       First make a folder which you want to hide.
2.       Right click on it and go to properties and go to Customize tabv and click change icon
3.       Now select the icon which is hidden and press ok.
4.       Now you will see that your folder’s icon is hidden. Now its time to make its name hidden as well
5.       So now rename the folder by selecting the folder and clicking F2,
6.       While renaming hold down the alt key and type 0160 from the Num Pad.

Now see the magic, your Folder is completely hidden. But it is still there where you have placed it. Now you can change your folder to hidden without changing its attributes.
Still have questions on How to know where the folder is?  :-P Hehe
Just go to the directory where you have your hidden folder and press  (ctrl + A) then you will see a Blue Highlight On the folder which you've made hidden. That’s it, Enjoy….