Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to Purchase Viber Stickers for Free

      Yes you can purchase Viber stickers for free using the patch of InApp Purchase using Luckypatcher. This works on any Version of Viber including the latest one from playstore.

  • Rooted Device
  • Lucky Patcher
  • Viber
  • FREEDOM app Should be Uninstalled if Installed on your Device or Else this Will not Work

          So if the Above requirements are met then its time to get on the process to purchase those stickers that You've been craving for :P
  • Install Luckypatcher and Viber.
  • Open Luckypatcher and find Viber from Lucky patcher and click on Open Menu of Patches > Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation > Tick on two selections as in screen shot and click on Apply.
  • Now it will start to patch all the required files. And You are half way done for the process :D


  • Now Open Viber and goto Stickers Market, You'll find that Stickers will have $0.0 or the purchasing price, and thats when you know the patch has done its job.
  • Click on your desired stickers and Try purchasing it, You'll see a Dialog Box from lucky patcher.
  • Tick the Save Purchase for restore and click Yes. (Important Step)
  • Now You'll get a Message from Viber saying 'Your Transaction Attempt failed'. Click Ok

  • So now just press the setting icon on the Sticker Page located at the top right corner.
  • See the list of your stickers with the Option 'Get Purchased Stickers'? :D Yes indeed, That's what you do... Just Click on 'Get Purchased Stickers' and you'll see all your purchased stickers begin to download.


[Tips:  First Purchase all the stickers that you want and then Click on 'Get Purchased Stickers' :D]

If this didn't work for you then probably
  • Uninstall Freedom app if installed on your device ( this trick Doesn't work if Freedom is installed on your Device)
  • Or you might have unticked the Save for Restore while Purchasing it]
Learn also to Unlock Multi-Window Feature on any rooted android Device

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[Note: Many users are reporting that this trick is no longer working with latest version of viber but not to worry as I have the latest trick on installing paid viber stickers for free. Click the "Take me there" button to get the latest trick to get vibers stickers for free on Android devices having Marshmallow and above version.]

Thursday, October 2, 2014

MultiWindow on any android device (Toggle from Navigation Keys)

      Ever wanted to do MultiTasking with MultiScreen, to chat and watch Youtube video at the same time like the MultiWindow feature on Samsung and LG smartphones. Well then chill out as your Android Smartphone is surely capable of that feature too.

Things you'll need:

Lets Get started

  • Firstly install and activate Xposed Installer
  • Download the module XMultiWindow from Xposed, Install and activate it
  • Install MultiWindowSidebar
  • Now open MultiWindowSidebar and goto Select Apps tab to Set your desired apps on Sidebar
  • Now goto Drag Launch Mode and select XMultiWindow

  • Well half of the tutorial is done by the way. Now just press the Play button to launch the Sidebar and give it a try by dragging the apps to the up and down part of the screen.

Activate the Sidebar from a press on Desired Navigation Keys

           Just like on Samsung Galaxy Devices you can set the Sidebar to be Activated from navigation bar. Gravity box and QuickShortcut maker must be installed for this trick to work
  • Open gravity box, Scroll down and goto Navgation keys action. There you'll see differenet options on setting the action on the way of pressing different navigation keys. You can set the toggle on any desired keys. 
  • Choose your desired Navigation key action and choose custom action >> then choose shortcut >> Activities. 


  • Search and tap MultiWindowSidebar and Choose Toggle MultiWindowSidebar from expanded option and Create. Now restart your device and you are all set.

  • Now try pressing the navigation key which you set and you will see movable Sidebar appearing on side of your screen. Just apply same process to make the sidebar Disappear.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shrink Screen of any android device for one handed use from navigation keys

Having trouble trying to get all across the screen of your phone with one hand, well its the age of big screened smart phones and well you can't complain about it, oh! you need that by the way. Well need not to worry and thanks to a module 'One-Handed Mode' of Xposed. This is a module which can be used to shrink the whole screen of your device with a click. Well in this post i will teach you guys to actually link that toggle from one of your navigation button for ease access.

  • Firstly your android device must be rooted
  • Things you need: Xposed Installer, Quick Shortcut maker, One Hand mode module.
  • Install Quick Shortcut Maker from playstore and Install Xposed Installer. You can download it from here.
  • Open xposed > goto framework and press install/update and reboot your device.
  • now again open xposed and goto download tab and search for One-Handed Mode and download and install it. After installation of the module activate it from Module tab on xposed.
  • Like wise install gravity box with same process as one-handed module.
  • Activate both gravity box and one- handed module and restart your device.

  • Now open OneHand Mode from app menu, and you can make your desired settings from setting for apps and settings for notification centre tabs.

  • After you've finished playing around the setting of One-Handed mode, Here's the interesting part. Now I'll teach you to toggle the shrink screen by pressing one of your navigation button, Let us set that on Long press of Home button.
  • Now for this part open gravity box
  • Scroll down and goto Navgation keys action. There you'll see differenet options on setting the action on the way of pressing different navigation keys. You can set the toggle on any desired keys. 
  • Choose your desired Navigation key action and choose custom action >> then choose shortcut >> Activities. 

  • Search and tap One Hand Mode and Choose One Hand toggle from expanded option and Create. And you are all set

  • Now try Long pressing your home button and you will see the result of Shrink of your screen best for the one handed use.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Enable Google Now In Nepal

1.   Turn on Developer Options: 
      Settings > About Phone > tap 'Build Number' several times until you are notified that you are a developer

2.   Allow Mock Locations: 
      Settings > Developer Options > check 'Allow mock locations'

3.   Download and install 'Fake GPS location' from playstore.

4.   Set a fake location to somewhere where Google Now is               enabled (e.g. North America): 
      open 'Fake GPS' > click on the search button > type the location > click OK > click 'Set location'

5.   Disable Google Play Services: 
      Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Services > Disable

6.   Disconnect your google account: 
      Settings > Google (under the subtitle 'ACCOUNTS') > Search > Accounts & Privacy > Google Account > Sign out

7.   Re-connect your account: 
      Settings > Google (under the subtitle 'ACCOUNTS') > Search > Accounts & Privacy >           Google Account > click on your email address

8.   Now accept Google Now.

9.   Enable and update Google Play Services: 
      Settings > Apps > Disabled > Google Play Services > Enable

10. Now, you can stop fake GPS: 
      open 'Fake GPS' > click 'Stop'

11. Uninstall 'Fake GPS'.

12. Restart Your Device
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Friday, July 11, 2014

Android Lollipop Keyboard

Developer version of Android lollipop keyboard which was released by some developer on Google play store. But because of some copy right issues Google removed it from the play store. Luckily I had downloaded the keyboard from the play store. So Here is the link to my drive from where you can download the apk file of Android L keyboard

Friday, May 23, 2014


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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trick on How to uninstall the deepfreeze when you have forgot the password or the program isn’t responding.

Normally In order to uninstall the program deep freeze you need to thaw it, but unfortunately sometimes you may forget the password or the program may stop responding (it happened in my case). So you may make a decision to reformat you computer which is a total mess work. So here I have one working trick which I had also found on some sites and it is 100 % working. For this process you don’t need any kinds of software like the Deep freeze unfreezer. But as you may know that to uninstall the deep freezer you need the backup software of the deep freezer which you had used to install the deep freeze.
                So I am giving the step by step for the procedure:
·         First thing you need is the deep freezer installer. So back it up J
·         Remember to be a bit faster or it may not work.
·         First step is to restart your pc and go to the BIOS mode by pressing F2 or del key depending on your computer.
·         Then you need to change the date of your computer from bios to 4 years earlier i.e. 2008 or before that. Note that this is the most important step for the process to work. Date must be change to before 4 years because before 4 years there was no deep freezer. He He
·         Simply save and restart your pc.
·         Again press F8 to select the boot option and select Windows Debugging Mode.
·         Now when the welcome screen appears be ready to press ctrl+Alt+Del to go to task manager.
·         After going to task manager go to process tab and there you can find DFServ.exe, so you have to kill the process.
·         If it succeeds then you are done. Restart your computer again.
·         Go to BIOS and again change the date to normal, Save and reboot.
·         Then when you are at desktop you will find the deep freeze icon on your task bar having X(cross) sign, which means that it is disabled.
·         So at last all you have to do is to use the installer of deep freeze and uninstall it. It will restart your pc and you are done.
·         At last all you have to do is thank me. J
Comment if it worked.