Sunday, October 14, 2012

Best Tips Of Enhancing the Experience of Using N70

Have you ever got bored by using the same smart phone for years? By its same boring features? Ok so if you are the victim of the problem I have mentioned above then you are certainly at the right place. So today I am going to disscuss about the oldest and very popular smart phone i.e. N70.
                Nokia’s N70  was released like 7 years ago. And it has become the user friendly mobile for many of the users over the planet. Some of its best features are its high resolution 2 Megapixel camera , 3g camera,  Slide bar of the back main camera, support of the 2nd edition symbian applications and so on. Due to the presence of the 3g camera it is possible to do the video call on the supported networks from this  mobile.
                It was released in 2005, so due to which it has become the boring and outdated mobile nowadays. Further production of this mobile had been closed years ago. Nowadays there are lots of highly advanced smartphones available on the market. But it is for the unfortunate that still many people are forced by their economic problem to use the same old smart phones for years.
                There are many symbian based applications on the web which we can download and install in our N70 to make it cooler than it is. Yes it is true, you can enhance the features of your symbian n70 device. 50% of the user of this phone are still unknown to the fact that they can upgrade the boring features of their smart phone like the Music player, Gallery, Real Player, etc and on and on. People feel very bored by the slow feature of the n70, but the fact is that it can be made faster by installing some apps on it. I am also the great fan of this smart phone and as far as I have a very great experience of using this mobile. I know many of the tips to increase the features of this mobile which I am going to reveal it today on this blog. So please keep on reading if you are willing to discover more.
                The inbuilt applications of N70 are very slow and with limited features. These applicartions are the reason of the constant hang of the mobile phone time to time.
                Now it is your time to discover the tips of increasing the speed, increasing the best features
1.       The very first step is to hard format your device in order to remove the unnecessary junk files, viruses or any unwanted files, first make the back of your files which are on the phone memory, remove your mmc and then turn off your mobile. While turning on press the Power, 3 ,* and cal receive(green) Button at once. Don’t leave the button. It is the main step to hard format you device. Then the phone will turn on and still don’t leave any of the buttons, take help from others if you cannot hold all of the mentioned keys at once. Now after a while it will ask for the place setup. So now you can leave the keys. Set your time zone and your phone is fresh like a new set. NOTE: Donot insert your mmc unless you have scanned for the viruses from the pc.. It is veryimportant.
2.       Now if you have follow exactly the first step then insert your mmc after it is free from any malwares and viruses.
3.       The next step is to install symbian apps for which you have to download from the internet. But don’t worry I am going to add links to add the files I have mentioned.
4.       First apps to install after the hard format is the x-plorer, its final version has already been released. This is the apps to explore all the files in your device like we do in our computer with My Computer. We can browse all the hidden, system, readonly files. It can transfer files via Bluetooth, it can move the files direct;y from the message directory to the directory where we want. And some of its features are its inbuilt Notepad, music player, video player, Photo viewer, Zip, etc. It is the same as we use my computer for in our desktops or laptops
5.       After the installation of the main file browser software, noe it tis the time to install TTPOD (Best Music Player). It is the misic palyer which can show the lyrics of the song which we are playing. And the best feature is that it automatically downloads the lyrics from the internet. It has many skins, equalizer, visualization plugins and so on. It is the software to replace the Inbuilt Music Player of the phone which is very slow and always it scans for the songs regularly whereas in TTPOD there is the manual setup of all of the features.
6.       Next software is of course the Operamini (Symbian Version). Donot install the jave version of the Operamini as it is very slow in our symban smartphones. Why worry when we already have got the symbian version of it.
7.       After Operamini install photo book. It is the software to view the photos presentin our memory in a very New features. It doesn’t slows down the phone like when we use gallery. It is of user choice  whether to install Photo Book or not because its features are already included in the X-PLORER, but its another advantage is that we can directly upload our photos to the social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, picasa, etc.
8.       The next important software to be installed is the Smart Setting. This is the software which creates the shortcut START button  on the desktop of the device like we have START button on our laptops and the desktops. We can set the short cut of the programs we like.
9.       Next software is Key Man. This is the coolest software for this smart phone. As smart setting creates the short cut button with all the shortcuts we set, key man is the amazing software from which we can change the features of most of our phone keys. This software is helpful to create short cuts to the programs through combination of the buttons. For example if you are willing to lock and unlock your phone while pressing the camera button, you can simply set it from key man. If you want to open X-plore when pressing the shift key + camera button yes you can do it. So use it and enjoy the shortcuts you want. But you have to understand how to use yourself .
10.   Next step is to replace the boring Real Player of your which is only capable of playing some extentions like 3gp and mp4 . It doesn’t exactly replaces it though, install  core player as it can play most of the formats like 3gp, mp4, flv, avi, dat, mp3, etc.
11.   After installing the important softwares now it is the time to make your smart phone faster by installing Phone Accelerator. Just install it and see the difference after you restart your device.
12.   Now it’s the time to install a goodand attractive theme
13.   Install the screen saver
14.   Now after the list of important softwares the rest softwares area of your choice. You can install flash player to run the flash applications.
 SO these were the most important list of the softwares which are needed to replace the boring inbuilt apps of N70. There still are thousands of the apps which are cool but I cannot mention all the apps. If you exactly follow the instructions as I mentioned then your smart phone will be advanced than it was before.

As far as I know we can only find upto 2 GB MMC for N70 and it is great for it. Don’t worry it won’t slows down your phone if you follows my steps. 2 GB is enough for the normal users to save music files, videos, photos and other backup files.
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