Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to format Nokia N70

All the symbian mobiles can be completely formatted. Formatting completely factory resets the device including its saved datas on the phone memory. You can format it if your device is infected with viruses. But it doesn’t formats the memory card. Here are the steps to Format the mobile

Hand format
1.       Before you start be sure that your mobile’s battery is fully charged.
2.       Turn off your mobile.
3.       Remove your MMC card.
4.       Press * 3 green call key and power button at once. Take help from other if you need.
5.        Keep pressing till mobile fully starts up. It may take 30 seconds.
6.       Then if you follow the steps correctly your mobile has been formatted.
7.       Set the time zone.
That’s all for the hand format.

There also is another way of formatting your mobile, both processes does same thing. You also can format using no. codes.
Formatting using format codes.
1.       Dial *#7370#
2.       It will ask for the Lock Code. On default the code is 12345 but incase if it has been changed by you dial your code, if you have forgotten your lock code you can follow the hand format process, this will make your lock code to default.
3.       After you have given your code the phone gets restarted itself.
4.       Then simply set the time zone.

You are done. It only works on symbian based mobiles not on Java mobiles like Nokia 7270 or x-press Music.