Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to Buy Different Packages On Ncell Data Sim?

Buying different packages from Ncell Data Sim makes the cost very low while surfing the Internet according to the packages we buy.  But you can browse without subscribing to a package. You will normally be charged at Rs. 2* per Mb.
So here is the step by step to buy different packages on Ncell Data Sim
Small Package has 500 MB data. So users can subscribe to this plan at Rs 399*(Rs. 0.80* per MB). SMS 500MB to 9009 from your Ncell data sim.
Medium package has 1000MB of data. If you use internet more often, then opt for 1000MB package at Rs. 699* (Rs. 0.70* per MB). SMS 1000MB to 9009 from your Ncell Data Sim to subscribe.
Large package contains 5000MB of data. If you are always connected and browse a lot then opt 5000MB package at Rs.1999* (Rs. 0.40* per MB). SMS 5000MB to 9009 from your Ncell Data Sim to subscribe.

(Note: * means the tax and VAT  which is determined by the network provider itself. For 500 MB data plan you will be cost approx Rs. 450 rather than Rs. 399)