Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to rename application menu in Nokia N70

Can you change the name of applications in your mobile? Of course not, Can you? You have only access to change the name of the folder. But it is really possible in symbian Nokia N70.i don’t know if this trick works on 3rd and 5th edition symbian smart phones as well but it works in all 2nd edition symbian mobiles like Nokia 6600, N70. It is easy to change the name of different applications. First thing you need is 3rd party file manager application i.e X-plorer, download it if you donot have. This trick is actually a simple hacking of your smart phone.

Steps to rename apps:
1.       First go to menu of your phone. See if any of the application is placed on the first in the list. If not then place it by going to option and selecting move and place it in 1st place. I will give example of ‘messaging’ as it is placed in 1st place in menu list by default.
2.       After its done now open X-plore and go to system folder in mmc or the phone memory. (Note: if you cannot see system folder then it is hidden so simply press ‘0 key’ or go to configuration and tick ‘show hidden files’ and ‘show system files/folders and go back). Now go to system folder as it will be visible now.
3.       Go to apps folder.
4.       Now rename any of the subfolder in the apps folder but make sure that you remember it as you have to change it back again.
5.       After you change the name of the folder quickly press menu key of your mobile and go to any folder icon and click option. Now just wait for some 10 seconds.
6.       Did you notice that the phone has automatically selected the messaging icon? Bingo !! Now simply go to rename and change the name messaging to any name you like.
7.       This step can be followed to change the name of any application icon. Just make sure they are placed at the front in menu list.
8.       Now change back the name of the folder you just had renamed using X-plore.

Enjoy renaming all the apps icons as you like. Cheers.