Sunday, October 14, 2012

Disk management

Did you know that there is a inbuilt disk management software on your computer. If you want to create partition on your hard disk or you want to change the drive letter of your drives then you can use this program.
Steps to go to disk management
1.       Click start button and go to run
2.       Type diskmgmt.msc  and press enter ( for windows 7 users simply type diskmgmt.msc on the search box on start menu.)
3.       There you have your disj management program. Now you can change the partion or you can change the drive letters of different drives by clicking the right button on your mouse placing over the appropriate drive of your choice.

k P- � p �e `f E: if you are switched to the classic view then you donot have to follow step 2)
4.       In power option go to Hibernate tab and tick the enable hibernation option.
5.       Then click ok and now you are done. Check it by going to the turning off button on the start menu, now you can see the hibernation tab added, if you still cannot see the hibernate tab then try pressing shift key, there you will see the standby option changes to hibernation option.

Press it and try. Worked?? Bingo.