Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coolest Mig33 Emotes Commands

Here are the lists of the coolest emote commands for mig33. Emote command is a short text command that allows you to express yourself in mig33. It is a way of showing oneself how cool he/she is in mig33. You can simply send these emote commands to anyone in private chat or in group chat or in chat rooms,you can also add a mig33 username alone with emote commands. For using emote commands with a username, the format is ‘/emote username’ where emote is the command, and username is the ID of person to whom you are going to express your emote feeling. He He He
For example, if your username is A and your friend’s username is B, then if you send ‘/cry B’ without use of (‘), the generated message will be like this **A is crying over B’s shoulder**

Mig33 emotes:
/blush /glare /loser /seduce /tag /tantrum /beer /cry /greet /martian /shmoo /thank /bearhug /cringe /gn /love /shiver /beg /phew /smile /wink /bow /embrace /hold /pinch / laugh /salute /stare /argh /confuse /giggle /listen /scream /strut /bark /congrat /doh /grin /kiss /rose /spock /eek /hiccup /miss /shrug /ruffle /squirt /apologizes /tpyo /agree /cmon /gasp /lag /comfort /gee /blink /drool /groan /mmm /shy / warcry /blowk /drunk /happy /moo /sick /wave /smirk /wohoo /brb /faint /honor /poke /sneeze / worship /burp /fart /howl /ponder /snore /worthy /caff /firebreath /hug /power /snuggle /yawn /cheer /flirt /hum /purr /sorry /yeah / chicken /french /joy /duck /spit /chuckle /frown /hfive /mumble /sigh /whistle /boo /relax /nod /slap /whop / bored /eh /hmm

Mig33 Football Emote commands:
If you want a username to display with this try to send like this format ‘/kick username’ where username is the id of the person to whom you are going to express your feeling
/goal /kick /penalty /freekick /red /yellow /offside /handball.
(Note:Mig33 emote command /offside should be use only in group chat or in private chat. Likewise mig33 emote command /handball should be use alone with a mig33 username.

Olympic Games 2008 Emotes:
/win /huanhuan /yingying /nini /beibei /jingjing  /challenge /welcome /taunt /champion /record /frenzy /winner /torch /proud /cheers /gold /lose / medal /go /luck

Mig33 Custom Emote commands:
You can also send your personal messages in red colour in mig chat. For that just type ‘/me’ before your message. Just for an example, If my name is E and if I type ‘/me wants to play football’ the message will be displayed like “E wants to play football”. Now just type any thing like this and enjoy. Saying messages in group chat in this way will draw more users attention.

Mig33 Fortune emote command:
/8ball and /fortune are the commands which displays random messages on mig chat.

(Note: Some of the commands cannot be used with usernames and some commands can only be used with the usernames, so you have to practice and know yourself.