Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to handle Junk startup programs in Windows XP

There is a inbuilt program on our computer i.e. msconfig which is used to change the start up option of our PC. Ever got head ache by the slowing down of your computer’s start up  This is simply because of the startup of the unnecessary programs installed. If the program is none of your use then simply uninstall it, but if it is in use but occasionally then msconfig is of use to you.
1.       Go to start button.
2.       Go to run and type msconfig and press enter.
3.       Then go to start up tab and you will see list of programs ticked. These are the programs which automatically runs when computer is turned on and they are the reason for your computer to act slow.
4.       So now you can simply untick the programs which is not necessary.

NOTE: Don’t untick anti virus programs or programs which are from windows folder.