Sunday, October 14, 2012

How to speed up Nokia N70

Nokia N70 is a symbian based smart phone. It supports all 2nd edition symbian based applications. There are millions of applications available for Nokia n70. But globally most of the users have the same problem with this device i.e slow functioning. This is due to the use of storage device of more than 500MB and using the inbuilt applications like Gallery, Music Player and File Manager. When Mmc of more than 500MB is used in N70 it becomes a bit slower. But it is possible to use MMC upto 2Gb without a bit slowing down of mobile. I think more than 2GB MMC is not manufactured from the company so you cannot find it. Symbian computer without 3rd pary applications is like Computer without any Programs. Smartphones are designed to be used like our desktops. Without using applications on them they are just useless. That is the reason N70 doesn’t have coolest inbuilt programs, because we have to install them ourself.
                As the topic of this post is how to speed up Nokia n70, so there is a 3rd party applications to be installed in your device. The application I am talking about is ‘Menu accelerator’, this application just has file size of 5 or 10kb. You need to install this in your phone memory. But before installation your mobile should be virus free including your MMC. If you want to hard format your phone memory then click here. Scan your MMc on your pc to free it from virus.
After following the steps there is also another way you can speed up your mobile without installation of any kinds of softwares. Click here to know how to do it.
Follow both of the steps if you want the best results. And the thing which you need to remember is that always use 3rd party applications such as TTPOD Music Player and X-plorer instead of your inbuilt Music Player and Gallery. Music player and Gallery really slows down your mobile. So it would be best if you just hide them somewhere. Use applications like TTpod to play songs as it can view lyrics as well and use X-plorer which is a file manager application with inbuilt video player, photo viewer, zip, notepad, Music Player and many more.

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