Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trick on How to uninstall the deepfreeze when you have forgot the password or the program isn’t responding.

Normally In order to uninstall the program deep freeze you need to thaw it, but unfortunately sometimes you may forget the password or the program may stop responding (it happened in my case). So you may make a decision to reformat you computer which is a total mess work. So here I have one working trick which I had also found on some sites and it is 100 % working. For this process you don’t need any kinds of software like the Deep freeze unfreezer. But as you may know that to uninstall the deep freezer you need the backup software of the deep freezer which you had used to install the deep freeze.
                So I am giving the step by step for the procedure:
·         First thing you need is the deep freezer installer. So back it up J
·         Remember to be a bit faster or it may not work.
·         First step is to restart your pc and go to the BIOS mode by pressing F2 or del key depending on your computer.
·         Then you need to change the date of your computer from bios to 4 years earlier i.e. 2008 or before that. Note that this is the most important step for the process to work. Date must be change to before 4 years because before 4 years there was no deep freezer. He He
·         Simply save and restart your pc.
·         Again press F8 to select the boot option and select Windows Debugging Mode.
·         Now when the welcome screen appears be ready to press ctrl+Alt+Del to go to task manager.
·         After going to task manager go to process tab and there you can find DFServ.exe, so you have to kill the process.
·         If it succeeds then you are done. Restart your computer again.
·         Go to BIOS and again change the date to normal, Save and reboot.
·         Then when you are at desktop you will find the deep freeze icon on your task bar having X(cross) sign, which means that it is disabled.
·         So at last all you have to do is to use the installer of deep freeze and uninstall it. It will restart your pc and you are done.
·         At last all you have to do is thank me. J
Comment if it worked.