Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shrink Screen of any android device for one handed use from navigation keys

Having trouble trying to get all across the screen of your phone with one hand, well its the age of big screened smart phones and well you can't complain about it, oh! you need that by the way. Well need not to worry and thanks to a module 'One-Handed Mode' of Xposed. This is a module which can be used to shrink the whole screen of your device with a click. Well in this post i will teach you guys to actually link that toggle from one of your navigation button for ease access.

  • Firstly your android device must be rooted
  • Things you need: Xposed Installer, Quick Shortcut maker, One Hand mode module.
  • Install Quick Shortcut Maker from playstore and Install Xposed Installer. You can download it from here.
  • Open xposed > goto framework and press install/update and reboot your device.
  • now again open xposed and goto download tab and search for One-Handed Mode and download and install it. After installation of the module activate it from Module tab on xposed.
  • Like wise install gravity box with same process as one-handed module.
  • Activate both gravity box and one- handed module and restart your device.

  • Now open OneHand Mode from app menu, and you can make your desired settings from setting for apps and settings for notification centre tabs.

  • After you've finished playing around the setting of One-Handed mode, Here's the interesting part. Now I'll teach you to toggle the shrink screen by pressing one of your navigation button, Let us set that on Long press of Home button.
  • Now for this part open gravity box
  • Scroll down and goto Navgation keys action. There you'll see differenet options on setting the action on the way of pressing different navigation keys. You can set the toggle on any desired keys. 
  • Choose your desired Navigation key action and choose custom action >> then choose shortcut >> Activities. 

  • Search and tap One Hand Mode and Choose One Hand toggle from expanded option and Create. And you are all set

  • Now try Long pressing your home button and you will see the result of Shrink of your screen best for the one handed use.